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We need a world with more women in top jobs



Need more women in top jobs

With reference to Jack Dutton’s report Muslim woman becomes Britain’s first hijab-wearing judge (May 26): congratulations. We need a world with women in 50 per cent of all jobs, judges especially but also in the police, as lawyers, senators, etc. I wish the judge Raffia Arshad all the best.

Rhonda Klingerman, Abu Dhabi

Not everything about going to watch a film has changed

With reference to Sophie Prideaux’s story Vox cinemas, Ski Dubai and Magic Planet among venues to reopen on Wednesday – what you need to know before visiting (May 26): I was curious if given the limited capacity they would increase movie prices to compensate for the loss of seating capacity but I hear now that prices will remain unchanged.

Simon Buckerfield, Dubai

I am going to stay home till there is a consistent drop in the number of daily cases. Would not want to risk myself or others.

Saadias Halim, Dubai

Allocate a generous reward for developing a vaccine

Please refer to the article by Nicky Harley Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial running out of UK virus exposure to complete tests (May 25): the scientists at University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group have expressed concerns that they may not be able to complete their research since the virus is diminishing in the UK. The Oxford scientists group should consider starting simultaneous trials in countries like Kenya and, say, India, where the virus is yet very strong. The trials must should go on.

Normally scientists and researchers work for academic recognition. It’s time to motivate them with finance and honour too, considering the high stakes of Covid-19.

The world should declare generous rewards to research organisations scientists leading the development of the vaccine. Awards like the Nobel Prize should go to the scientists who discover the vaccine.

Collecting this prize money should not be any problem. Around 200 nations are affected by Covid-19. Each nation has to contribute a little and the more affluent nations like the USA, UK, China, Japan, etc, could chip in some more.

The global economy is taking a massive hit, which may run in a few trillion dollars. According to Fitch Ratings, the global gross domestic product is likely to decline by 3.9 per cent in 2020. This translates to a loss of $2.7tn income in 2020 compared to 2019.

So it is best to declare a massive reward in financial and recognition terms upfront. At stake is the survival of mankind, if the virus is not harnessed expeditiously.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Updated: May 27, 2020 02:02 PM

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