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U.S. Olympic Committee reverses decades-long policy of banning protests at the games allowing Kolohe Andino to take knee and raise fist, John Florence to wear “Trans Lives Matter” hat during anthem!



Includes cameo from 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater.

A Florida boat captain and realtor has provoked fury among Instagram-users with her one-woman jihad against sharks. 

Kaylee Crisp, who runs under the handle @captkrisp and the hashtag #killakaylee and who has 16,400 followers, ain’t afraid to wear her blood-stained heart on her sleeve, so to speak. 

In a series of posts, we see #killakaylee posing with various sharks she’s killed, including a biggish bull shark, a bat shark and a black-tip reef shark. 

In one instance, a hooked shark is dispensed with by a pistol shot to the head.

Instagram users, as y’might imagine, lit up over the posts.

A one-day old photo provoked over two thousand comments including,

She’s an actual psychopath. Just look at her eyes! They don’t lie. Taking glee in pain and death. She is empty and needs to find something to fill that emptiness. Which is killing animals as some kind of disturbing “trophy”. She lacks the empathy to see this as wrong, as taking a life. Our attempts to connect on an empathic level fail with her

Y’all she has a right to kill these sharks.. they obviously bit off her titties now she stay looking like a surfboard for life.

Why is no one putting an end to this ruthless account ? Why do you feel the need to shoot wildlife that doesn’t harm or bother you? What type of satisfaction do you receive from this ? You are a heartless and ignorant human being

Are you that brain dead & bored or are you just trying to make up for a lack of personality Kaylee? Before murdering already endangered species that are VITAL to our marine ecosystem, how about you open up a book and educate yourself neanderthal<3 get well soon!

You are inhuman, god will shun you!

One commenter even tried to bring the social media muscle of Kelly Slater into the game.

Although the 11-time world champion surfer was quick to distance himself from the supposed neighbour.

And so on.


Oh, I find it gory as hell, but, then, I regard the death of a tuna or skipjack or happy clown fish, a lamb, a calf, a chicken as much a tragedy as the slaughter of a shark; a position I’ve held ever since, as a teen, I was gifted a Hare Krishna book about vegetarianism.

The cover featured a cow about to be slaughtered but an artist had imposed a human face on the imperilled animal.


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