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The Wiwi Jury reveals their favourites in Portugal’s Festival da Canção 2020 grand final



Two semi-finals have already taken place in Lisbon and all roads led to Elvas. Portugal will determine its representative for Eurovision 2020 with the grand final of Festival da Canção 2020 on Saturday 7 March. Having now seen the live performances, the Wiwi Jury has reconvened to see if their preferences have changed.


1. Elisa – “Medo de sentir”

All of the entries delivered more or less as expected at the semi-finals — even if the results didn’t reflect that. The only song that greatly elevated was Elisa’s. She created such an intense atmosphere with “Medo de sentir” in which you can feel her passion with every word even if you can’t understand them. This woman knows how to own a stage and I am sure she can make a positive impact on the one in Rotterdam too.

2. Throes + The Shine – “Movimento”
3. Bárbara Tinoco – “Passe-Partout”
4. Jimmy P – “Abensonhado”
5. Kady – “Diz só”


1. Bárbara Tinoco – “Passe-Partout”

Festival da Canção 2020 held a blessing in disguise. With my top four of the entire contest crashing in the semis, I learned to love “Passe-Partout” much more than ever. While originally I put it sixth in a field of 16, the live performance and vibe, combined with the death of my favourites, won my heart over. In retrospect, this song was right there all along — and now it’s my second favourite of the whole thing. It’s simply a song that works live and reminds me of the beginning of “It’s Oh So Quiet”, which I love. I’m not afraid to say this can and will bring Portugal back to the final.

2. Elisa – “Medo de sentir”
3. Elisa Rodrigues – “Não voltes mais”
4. Kady – “Diz só”
5. Throes + The Shine – “Movimento”


1. Jimmy P – “Abensonhado”

There’s something very unique about Jimmy P’s “Abensonhado”, which was underlined by his live performance. The song is contemporary yet feels Portuguese — something that allows it to appeal to a broad audience. Moreover, it’s recognisable production could easily make it stand out in Rotterdam. Ultimately, it’s the unique tone in his voice that brings the production to perfection.

2. Bárbara Tinoco – “Passe-Partout”
3. Elisa – “Medo de sentir”
4. Throes + The Shine – “Movimento”
5. Elisa Rodrigues – “Não voltes mais”


1. Bárbara Tinoco – “Passe-Partout” 

Bárbara nailed it in the semi-final with a cute performance which suits the concept of “Passe-Partout” perfectly. There are several things to work on though — she needs to be more quirky, she shouldn’t look to the floor as much as she did in the semi-final and the camera angles need to be tighter. The dancers seem too frenetic at times and their moves are way faster than the melody by the end. However, those are just issues to polish, but the raw material is there.

2. Elisa – “Medo de sentir”
3. Throes + The Shine – “Movimento”
4. Jimmy P – “Abensonhado”
5. Filipe Sambado – “Gerbera amarela do Sul”

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