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Kaleem Caire: It’s long past time for UW-Madison to hire a Black athletic director | Column



Why don’t white people in our city and state make their complaints about the “most qualified” Black candidates being passed over, time and time again, known to our UW leadership? Do they really care, or are they so used to white people leading everything in this city and state that this is what they truly prefer — a power and leadership structure that values white leadership over everyone else?

UW-Madison is a marquee employer of white people. It always has been. It has perfected the hiring process that has cemented affirmative action that benefits white applicants for top jobs. When it comes to the rest of us, we get a few jobs here and there. These days must be over.

I am beyond tired of watching white people that a number of us Black and Brown folk can run circles around talent-wise, experience-wise and personally and professionally, get jobs we should be hired for ahead of them. I am also tired of raising children in a city that shows Black and Brown children and youth, over and over again, year after year and decade after decade, that they must be white to get ahead and be truly included in this city and across our state. And I am done with accepting white folks’ excuses about why the status quo that almost exclusively benefits them remains firmly intact.

Why are there so many white (mostly male) CEOs of major companies in Madison? Why are so many of their leadership teams devoid of Black and Brown talent? It’s 2020, and when you open InBusiness magazine, almost all you see are white faces. This does not reflect our broader community at all.

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