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Bicycle Touring Gift Ideas

Bicycle Touring gift ideas for those that love the travel by bicycle. Whether it is for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts this guide will head you in the right direction.

Cheap Bicycle Touring Gift Ideas

Mid Priced Bicycle Touring Gift ideas

  • MSR Whisperlite Stove with windscreen and repair kit – For bicycle touring in remote areas the ability to burn any type of fuel makes the MSR Whisperlite the choice of bicycle tourers.
  • Steripen rechargable – The ability to sterilise your own water is not only convenient and safe but saves using hundreds of single use plastic bottles while on the road.
  • Amazon Kindle – Small, lightweight, exceptional battery life and the ability to store 1000s of books.
  • Audible Audio Book Gift membership – There is nothing better than listening Audiobooks while out on the trail or late at night in the tent. Listen to all the great stories about long distance hiking trips such as the Lord of the Rings and even better all the Game of Thrones Books. Spoiler alert – the Game of Thrones Audiobooks are even better than the TV shows.



  • Petzl Actik Core 450 – The headlamp has adjustable light intensity setting depending on how bright you want the light. Super bright for trail running, medium light for hiking at night or midnight bathroom excursions outside the tent and a low light for inside the tent when a bright light might annoy fellow hikers.
  • Outdoor Research Helium 2 Rain Jacket – My go to rain jacket for the last 5 years. I like the bright orange colour so I’m visible when cycling.

6 Not so cheap Bicycle Touring Gifts

  • Nemo Hornet 2 person tent – I’ve been using the Nemo Hornet tents for over ? miles of hiking and over 15000km of bicycle touring. My go to tent.
  • Rab Mythic Sleeping bag – The Rab Mythic is possibly the best ultra light sleeping bag on the market at the moment.
  • Sea to Summit Etherlite Mat – The last couple of years have seen a revolutionary leap in the quality and lightness of sleeping mats. The  Sea to Summit is one of the top picks at the moment.
  • GoPro Hero 8 – Want the best in compact lightweight cameras. Shaky camera movements are a thing of the past with this camera. I’ve used 2 different GoPros over the years. My documentary – Bicycle Touring North America was primarily shot with the older GoPro 5 and 6 with extra footage used from my Sony RX100.

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