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IS there any better place in the world to live than the Sunshine Coast. We asked people on our Sunshine Coast Facebook page to tell us what they love about the Coast. Here’s a selection of what people had to say.

KRISTIE HEWAT Mount Coolum is my favorite place these days – From the outdoor advertures of Climbing Mount Coolum to a relaxing Bike Ride along the Boardwalk and relax and the fabulous beach and enjoy some great food next door in marcoola surf air!! or even coolum SLSC

LISA JANE DALDY A lot of people questioned why I would want to move here from Melbourne, which I did two years ago…. the people are more friendly, more relaxed…the weather is just superbly warm most of the year….and being so close to so many beautiful beaches, parks and picnic spots is just fanstastic!

NIKI FERGUSON Beach…Thongs…Ocean….Salt….Bike Riding…..Sunsets….Warmth…Sunshine…Lifestyle like no other…No better place to live…..Fortunately I experienced the beautiful beaches and roads to ride back in the 80’s….Such wonderful memories.

KELLIE-ANNE HUDDY I love that I could be having a nice quiet coffee in a Maleny – country cafe and then later in the day I can dress up a little and enjoy a drink over looking the beach at Caloundra or Maroochydore..!!

I guess in short it’s the beautiful mix of country and Beach lifestyles It’s great..It’s the best of BOTH worlds

JOHN DUFFY So many historic and cultural places and features from indigenous, colonial, military and general perspectives.So many natural wonders to explore.The perfect climate! What more can I say? It’s perfect!!

STACE CANNELL Being able to have a short drive to some of the most beautiful beaches Australia has to offer, and being able to celebrate my Wedding Day at one of these! Love the beauty of living on acreage here, yet still being such a short drive to the gorgeous beaches..

JES RAE I love that it is so clean and family orientated. There are parks everywhere on the coast i love that They are not full of litter and ciggy butts. I feel so lucky that we have so many attractions such as aussie zoo and underwater world and an array of beautiful beaches to choose from. I LOVE LIVING ON THE SUNSHINE COAST!!

JACQUI BAYNE Moving to Coolum Beach when I was 9 and growing up with the most beautiful beach at our doorstep. Having the best time as a nipper at Coolum SLSC and walking along the rocks around Point Perry looking for cawrie shells with my sister and friends!

Going to sleep still wearing my togs after boogey boarding all day then getting up in the morning to go straight back to the beach to do it all again! Fantastic memories with wonderful family and lifelong friends…looking forward to getting back home in 2012. Jacqui 41, Tokyo.

ELIANI BOTON We can actually SWIM at the beautiful beaches, not like up North and Darwin, with beautiful coastlines, with such beautiful hot summer days but no one is allowed into the water!!

After 15 years on the Sunshine Coast and unfortunately having to relocate due to work, that’s where I’m buying a house and retiring. It’s my favourite spot in the world…dying to go back “home”….

LORRAINE JONES I live in the Noosa Hinterland in the semirural Cooran I can get to soo many different destinations from 5 mins to an hour away.

I can enjoy the rain forest the mountains the beach the river the many markets that are on and all the little hinterland towns including Gympie.

What ever the fancy takes me on any day I can do. I am a retired sensable green person so I love it here and we have plenty of trees. The people are nice. What’s not to like here in paradise.

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