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Ultimate Pacific Crest Trail Gear List (2021) BikeHikeSafari



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Pacific Crest Trail Gear List

Here is the best Pacific Crest Trail Gear List ultralight for the thru hiker wanting to carry lightweight on the PCT. All the gear on this list would be perfect PCT gear for you to take on your thru hike.

Everything on the PCT List is easily available and reasonably priced. The PCT gear lost includes items that would only be used on small sections of the trail such as a Bear Barrel, Ice Axe or microspikes.

Included are links to extensive gear reviews on all the best ultra lightweight hiking gear for the PCT.

PCT Gear List

What is the best shelter to use on the PCT

Overall there are several great lightweight tents to use on the PCT. Below are a selection of the top 3 shelters to use on the Pacific Crest Trail

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What is the Best Backpack for the PCT

The best ultralight backpack for thuu hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is one that is not only lightweight but durable enough to last thousands of miles of abuse. Below are the best 4 thru hiking backpacks.

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Best Sleeping Bag for the PCT

The best sleeping bag for the PCT is lightweight, tough and with a temperature rating of down to 20F / -6C. Below are the best ultralight sleeping bags and quilts for thur hiking the PCT.

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Cooking Gear to take on the PCT

Light and strong cooking gear is need for thru hiking the PCT. It does not need to be expensive, nor does it need to be the highest quality. It just needs to work. The list below is all you need to cook and eat on the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Electronics and Camera

Clothing worn and Carried

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Winter Gear , Trekking Poles, Bear Cannisters

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First Aid and Misc

  • Plastic zip lock bags
  • Money / ID / Credit Cards
  • Blister pads
  • Strapping Tape
  • Giardia anti-biotic
  • Foot infection anti-biotic
  • Ibuprofen
  • tweezers
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Safety Pin
  • Needle
  • Deet insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Toilet tissue

Total = 375 Gram

Total weight of backpack approx  6.5 kilograms/13lb.

Food and cooking fuel will add about 1 kilogram per day on average. Water weight is extra again, at 1 kilogram per litre!

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Enjoy the trail.

Cheers Shepherd – PCT15, CDT16, AT17, TA18-19 and still hiking.

Pacific Crest Trail Gear List

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