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Texas Renaissance Festival boasts variety of entertainment



TODD MISSION, Texas — It is Texas Renaissance Season, and we have already let folks know about how the festival is keeping their kingdom safe from COVID-19. 

What is there to do once you get there, though? It is a time fit for a king. 

His majesty will tell you himself that the festival has all kinds of entertainment from all corners of the world.

Suffice it to say there is plenty to do and see at the Texas Renaissance Festival. 

They have jugglers, actors gymnasts, people that swallow swords and musicians.

Those performers include the Clan Family Circus Clan Tynker that perform on the globe stage.

Elijah, one of the family’s performers said his troupe’s performances mirror a circus show.  

He and his family have been performing for about 20 years now.

“Texas is a wonderful place because the crowds are awesome, people are in a good spirit when they’re here. They’re ready to have fun,” he said.

If you’re hoping for a good musical performance, all you have to do while walking around the fairgrounds is listen.

It won’t take long to hear some melodies through the forest. 

Amanda Kitchens is an accordianista, singer and songwriter who performs on the festival’s green stage. 

“What I love about the Texas Renaissance Festival is you can perform for people of all ages all walks of life,” she said.

“Rich, poor, everybody comes to the Texas Renaissance Festival, and I love that.”

If you are looking to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival, patrons have to tickets in advance at, Groupon or at your local HEB grocery store. 

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