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Strong woman catches 9-foot “exceedingly deadly” Tiger Shark with homemade rod and reel, “eau de male” bait as part of Texas Shark Rodeo!




First came Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, a clear appropriation of “cowboy life” replete with faux brands, unfinished wood sidings, an outdoor hot tub/watering trough and mulch. Now comes the “Texas Shark Rodeo.” A “team-oriented, shark-fishing tournament with an emphasis on tagging and collecting data for the conservation of sharks.”

Also appropriation but maybe more in line with a general cowboy ethos.

In any case, days ago Josie Silva caught herself a 9-foot Tiger Shark near Corpus Christi, Texas, using a homemade rod and reel.

The Tiger Shark, as enthusiasts know, is very deadly and enjoys eating human flesh.

According to local reports, Silva hooked the Tiger at 7:39 PM and took 40 minutes to drag it to shore where she discovered it was a female, measured her, tagged her and pushed her back into the water completely traumatized and looking for a surfer to gobble whole.

Silva said, “Our team is the Team 3rd Coast Beach Bums. The rod I used I made myself the week before. The rod I used is by Steadfast. My fiancé is a rod builder with MLJ rods and is showing me how to build as well. The reel is an Avet TRX80.”


I thought she, like, cut a branch off a sapling then whittled it into a rod and used broken Chevy parts to make a reel but I guess she assembled a rod. I do wonder what bait she used. Knowing that Tigers enjoy eating human flesh, I wonder if she used any “man-bait.”

Possibly, I suppose.

In any case, if you happen to be surfing in the Gulf of Mexico be on the lookout for a rage-filled Tiger Shark looking for revenge.

Also, who are you pulling for in the Texas Shark Rodeo? Team 3rd Coast Beach Bums, Team Sassy Moody Nasty, Team Yo-Yo Ma or other?

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