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With Covid-19 travel restrictions eased on June 1st, the Empty Esky campaign has teamed up with Surfing NSW to create unique travel itineraries for the upcoming Queens Birthday long weekend.

Aiming to help with the bushfire recovery on the NSW South Coast, the itineraries will promote surf tourism in hope of supporting local business and domestic tourism, as the affected communities return to normal business.

Due to the horrific summer of bushfires – which impacted regions across New South Wales, domestic tourism took a 4.5 billion dollar loss.

Empty Esky co-founder, Eleanor Baillieu said surfing and road trips go hand-in-hand, and with a coastline like NSW they couldn’t be more excited to develop itineraries to get everyone on the road and have the best long weekend possible.

“When it was safe to travel in late February, we saw many people flocking to towns to fill their Empty Esky and explore Australia, and now the time has come to do it again.

“Coronavirus has brought a second challenge to bushfire affected areas and we’re really calling on all Australians to do what they can to help these areas recover again.”

Surfing NSW CEO Luke Madden said Surfing NSW are proud to introduce Empty Esky’s first itinerary and to promote surfing road trips for the June long weekend.

“You will see two styles of itineraries, one for families and one for a group of friends. It’s now time to explore and experience the wave-rich south coast and give back to the communities that have reopened after the bushfires.”Luke Madden said

1990 Surfing World Champion and South Coast local Pam Burridge has also put her support behind the cause.

“I’d really like to invite everyone back to the NSW South Coast. As you would know, we got hammered by the bushfires in the summertime and we didn’t see tourists in the region. Then just before Easter, Australia was struck with Covid-19, so the region has been unable to recover properly.

“We’d love to welcome you back.” Pam said

With COVID-19 restrictions eased on June 1st, Australians will be able to leave their homes and go camping, hiking, eat out and stay in accommodation. Empty Esky and Surfing NSW are focused on supporting communities impacted by the fires and encouraging everyone to grab their Empty Esky.

The Empty Esky Surfing NSW itinerary is available online at For those who can’t fill their Esky in person, you can shop online.

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