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PREP BASKETBALL: THS names South’s McMeans as new boys coach | Sports News



The 38-year-old McMeans, who will also teach physical education at Tennessee High, already has his expectations in mind.

“For me it is always winning. That is why you take a job like Tennessee High is because I think they are a sleeping giant and I think they are capable of winning,” said McMeans, who is excited to be a part of the Arby’s Classic that is held at Viking Hall every December. “My goal every year is to win, win conference championships and for me, just getting a taste of getting to go to the state tournament last year, I want that again so bad and I want if for the kids I am going to coach…

“I think winning everything in front of us is going to be the goal. We will start with the district and region and work our way toward the state tournament. That is how I am going to approach it with those kids when I get them at Tennessee High. I think that will be our year-in and year-out expectation we will have.”

As for when McMeans’ first season will begin, that remains to be seen due to continued issues with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think everything is up in the air. I think high school football has done a pretty good job of playing games. I know it is kind of goofy sometimes, from week to week you may not know who you are playing, but when athletic directors care, coaches care and people care about making sure these kids have the best experience they can have then people can make things happen,” said McMeans, who credits his wife, Kayla, for encouraging him to achieve his goal of being a coach and teacher. They have two young boys, ages 8 and 5.

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