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People in IT, top jobs work from home most often



People who work in IT most often worked from home in the second quarter of this year, in the height of the coronavirus crisis. Across professions, people in the top positions were more likely to be able to work from home than people lower down the ladder, Statistics Netherland reported on Wednesday.

Compared to the second quarter last year, the proportion of IT workers who worked from home at least some of the time doubled to over 40 percent – the largest increase of all occupational classes. Managers, employees with a creative or linguistic professions, and employees with a pedagogical profession also worked from home relatively often last quarter, though for managers and pedagogical workers this wasn’t more than the same quarter last year.

In all professions, people with higher positions were able to work from home more often than people with lower level jobs. This largely has to do with the fact that the lower level jobs often require hands-on work, according to the stats office. Think of technical professions like carpenter and plumbers, people in service professions like hairdressers and bartenders, and transport and logistics professions like drivers and loaders. 

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