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Mariah Carey’s Twitter account appears to have been hacked



Hollywood actor-singer Mariah Carey’s Twitter account was hacked on New Year’s eve, and more than 50 tweets were posted containing vulgarities, the “N-word” and offensive tweets against singer Eminem.

Someone took control of the legendary singer’s social media account on Tuesday afternoon (December 31) and it seems the hacker is trying to reignite her feud with Eminem.

Twitter confirmed to Deadline that Carey’s account was hacked. The company asserted that they locked the compromised account as soon as they were made aware of the situation, and are now investigating the issue. “Eminem has a small penis”, read another. For the unversed, Eminem claims to have dated the Grammy-winning singer, however, she has always denied his claims.

A shirtless selfie believed to depict the hacker in question was also tweeted from the elusive chanteuse’s Twitter account, with the caption “xbox n***as.”

#ChucklingSquad appeared on her account.

“Personally I don’t think racism is real, it’s just pussy boy talk”, one tweet read.

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” helped the superstar to become the first artist to rule the Billboard Hot 100 in four decades.

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