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Surfing Australia

Listen: Jeremy Flores on how he partied for two years after winning the Pipe Masters; the ruination of Reunion Island via drugs and sharks and smearing his brains on a reef in Sumbawa!



All guns and all fun.

Early last year, and in response to a post somewhere by Conner Coffin where he said surf media should write more long-form interviews, I figured, yeah, good idea.

I thought about it.

Who would I really want to spend a few days following and writing about?

I narrowed my list down to two surfers: Italo Ferreira and Jeremy Flores.

If we could get their sponsor to cover the airfare, I’d fly anywhere in the world to interview ‘em.

I got Italo and he went on to win the title.

Today, I get Jeremy, a man who is barely thirty-two but has been on the tour since 2005.

In interviews Jeremy gives out more heat that a goat’s butt in a pepper patch and, given his fearsome reputation, if he were to lift his own kimono you’d imagine it to reveal a pair of black silk panties exquisitely embroidered with fire-shooting dragons.

He is all guns and all fun.

If you do listen, you might pick up two mistakes in the intro. The first two readers to pick ’em and leave a note in the comments get one of each of our three new tees, arriving soonish.

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