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Hi Brad,
Seems we’re on similar paths, though you’re way ahead 😉 or I’m a little more free-form …
Enjoying some of the insight and intel.

Wondering if I should return the favor and blog so others can learn from these humble experiences as well. So far it simply seemed too time consuming. Uploading daily gps-tracks and selecting/sharing from several hundred daily photos with families and friends usually take all the remaining time in the evenings and often more, resulting in many a shorter-than-healthy night and time spent the next day in some WiFi hotspot and/or recharge place. Time not spent on having more great moments out, biking/hiking/meeting.

I similarly saved up enough to continue this cheapskate lifestyle indefinitely, so far didn’t want to spend time on generating travel income with blogging, reviews, etc.

That said, it might be a motivation: could you indicate (or if its private send me a PM) how much income you generate from ads, from affiliate links, from free gear and other sponsoring, from donations, etc.

I’ll let you know when it seems our paths might cross. Currently taking a break in California, starting to bike to Patagonia sometime this winter.


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