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The program is to be funded by diverting StudyPerth resources from curtailed or cancelled projects. The SPCR will be accessible, via an application, to provide support services to international students in acute need with regard to:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Rights and Support
  • Health and Wellbeing

StudyPerth is working very closely with education providers, Consulates, ethnic associations and business councils to establish a protocol that matches international students with the support, aid or advice they need.

How students can access support

The first stage of the SPCR referral protocol is to refer students to their education institution. In the majority of cases, the institution will be able to provide the necessary support for their students, particularly now that WA universities have announced comprehensive student support packages.
If the institution has provided all the support they can or is unable to offer support, StudyPerth will then refer students to relevant Consulates, ethnic associations and business councils to see how they can help. Should no assistance be available at this stage of the protocol, StudyPerth will assess student eligibility and suitability for SPCR.

StudyPerth has an email address [email protected] and a form for students to seek help and advice

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