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Ben Bagshaw , Global Sales and Marketing Director at Greenwich English College , outlined some of the measures that Go Study Australia has taken to support clients during Covid-19, including: a series of videos about visa rules in partnership with a migration agent; regular e-books with updated blogs in multiple languages; engagement with the International Student Education Agents’ Association (ISEAA); guidance to school partners on strategy; and webinars still promoting Australia as a destination.

“They have contacted accommodation partners to arrange free temporary accommodation for students who have been unable to support themselves,” he said. “They have actively worked with colleges to create flexible packages with exceptionally favourable cancellation terms so students can enrol in courses with full knowledge that if they need to cancel or defer they can do so without penalty.”

He added, “I guess you can say they are being very proactive and leading the charge in supporting students and supporting industry partners. It’s been a rough six months for education in Australia, but agencies like Go Study Australia showcase that, more than ever, our industry needs innovative education agents committed to supporting students and colleges.”

Simon Costain , General Manager at Go Study Australia, said in response that the school has managed the situation very well and had been very flexible and understanding in supporting students.

It is wonderful to see the efforts of Go study’s global team recognised by the wider education industry. We will continue to support all students and travellers in need during this time.

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