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COVID19: Visa Advice for Students in Australia affected by COVID-19



We met our partner Migration Agent Jonathan Granger, from Granger Australia Visa Solutions, and he brought some light on it. Have a look at this video to have all your questions answered:

1. What working rights changes are put in place as of now for student visas?
2. What if I can’t get home due to no flights and my visa expires?
3. Will my visa be rejected because my home country has a lot of coronavirus cases?
4. What if I need to extend or defer my course – will I need to pay for a new visa?
5. Are there any delays regarding Student Visa applications?
6. My Working Holiday visa will expire in 2 months, what should I do?
7. Can I apply for a Visitor Visa if I’m on a Working Holiday Visa at the moment?
8. I’m on a Student Visa – am I still required to go school?
9. I have been told my classes are now online, will I get in trouble if I don’t attend class?
10. If my classes are online can I go back to my home country and study from there?
11. Can I apply for the Work & Holiday Visa inside of the country?
12. I have lost my sponsored job – what are my options?
13. Can I move from a Sponsored Visa to a Student Visa?

If you need advice regarding your specific circumstances or have other questions please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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