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Council leaves nudists exposed



”We’ll have to continue to break the law by going there [to Alexandria Bay] because the council refuses to give us a dedicated beach,” Ms Grigg said.

”Other minority groups like four-wheel-drivers, horse riders and dog owners have all been accommodated so they can pursue their chosen recreation, but not us.”

Ms Grigg said that, for the past 22 years, the Nude Olympics have been held at Alexandria Bay, attracting about 600 visitors every year from all over Australia.

”If the Sunshine Coast had a legal nudist beach with easy access, the event would attract twice as many people,” she said.

”People just prefer to do things that are legal rather than illegal.”

The council received one petition with 150 signatures against a clothing-optional stretch of beach between Stumers Creek and Peregian Beach and another with 441 signatures (of which only 213 were properly presented) against Mudjimba Beach.

Third Bay was considered too remote and Alexandria Bay was rejected on safety grounds.

Minutes from the council meeting said an impact assessment study and community consultation ”to consider all the associated social, economic and safety issues” would be necessary before it could consider making Alexandria Bay a clothing-optional beach.

”As the matter is not deemed to be critical, the issue of whether or not to fund such an impact assessment can be made as part of council’s 2009-10 budget deliberations,” the minutes said.

Free Beaches Australia will now reportedly consider taking a proposal to the Townsville and Bowen councils.

Tasmania and Queensland are the only Australian states without legal nudist beaches. 

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