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Cody Simpson’s new Aussie project



CODY Simpson spent his life on the beach and in the ocean growing up as a competitive swimmer on the Gold Coast.

Now a globally-recognised singer and Broadway actor with 3.9 million Instagram followers, Simpson has committed to using his platform to protect it, today becoming WWF Australia’s first Ambassador for Oceans in time for the launch of Plastic Free July.

“Protecting and conserving our oceans is something I have been incredibly passionate about for a long time,” said Simpson, 23, who has been the United Nations Development Programme’s first Ocean Advocate since 2017.

Cody Simpson will work with WWF Australia as their Oceans ambassador. Picture: Simon Upton

“I was swimming and surfing before I could walk. I remember snorkelling in some of the reefs in North Queensland when I was younger, and to see it now years later so damaged is heartbreaking.

“Regardless of where I am in the world, the ocean remains a constant in my life and helps me feel calm and grounded.”

“I am thrilled to be working with WWF-Australia on projects that protect the ocean I grew up with.”

Simpson will launch the #PlasticFreeShop challenge on social media, nominating his friends, singers Tash Sultana and Jack Johnson and surfer Mason Barnes, to remove unnecessary plastics from their grocery shops. The challenge will roll out across social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter throughout July.

Simpson has been connected to the ocean since growing up on the Gold Coast. Picture: Simon Upton

Simpson has been connected to the ocean since growing up on the Gold Coast. Picture: Simon Upton

“With everything happening in the world with COVID-19, we’re falling back into some bad habits of overusing problematic plastics like those in takeaway coffee cups and straws,” Simpson told The Courier-Mail.

“However, there are ways to reduce unnecessary plastics even during this time of a pandemic. To take part in the challenge, all you need to do is take a video while shopping, showing your plastic friendly shopping choices, or take a photo of your plastic friendly shopping. Share the post to social media with the hashtag #PlasticFreeShop, then tag three friends to try the challenge for themself.”

“One of the most powerful tools that we have is our voice.”

As Ambassador for Oceans, Simpson will raise awareness for WWF Australia’s Net-Free North campaign, advocating for the removal of deadly commercial gill nets from the northern Great Barrier Reef.

He will also participate in research projects for green sea turtles impacted by climate change.

“When international travel is allowed, I’m excited to return home and go behind the scenes with the team at WWF-Australia and really get hands on with the work they’re doing,” Simpson said.

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