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Cape Cod sees explosion in shark deterrent sales as surfers paddle back out after consecutive Summers of Blood: “It’s like dumping hot sauce on the prey, so it makes the shark think twice about biting it!”



Super dad!

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous little bambino to bounce on knee and raise to greatness, a realisation of all our failed ambitions?

I got three and if finances permitted, would sire many, many more.

For those who don’t have a stud, or find the idea of a man jackhammering ‘em full of hot mucous too hideous to bear, the answer to completing the genetic puzzle lies in an anonymous sperm donor.

And, today, it can be revealed that Australia’s most prolific sperm donor, known only by a serial number and his dreamy physical characteristics, a blond, blue-eyed surfer, has fathered an eye-watering forty-eight children, including five in one family and a handful of others living in nearby neighbourhoods.

But, and this is a doozy, the exploding number of “diblings” or donor siblings increases the chance that one of the kids is gonna meet, fuck and impregnate or get impregnated by their half-bro or half-sis.


Queensland’s The Courier-Mail reports,

Fertility specialist David Molloy told The Courier-Mail that 48 children was an extraordinary number of donor siblings from one donor, and was the most he had heard of “by a long shot”.

“It is usually planned that the mothers would live thousands of miles away from each other,” he said.

In the early 2000s sperm donors were allowed to service 20 families, but today the limit is 10.

Within the Queensland Fertility Group there have been 1500 births from sperm donors in five years.

The donors have no parental rights over the children.

When a donor child turns 18, they can seek out the identity of the donor.”

One couple Shannon Ashton and her wife Lisa, have got five of the surfer stud’s kids, aged one to fifteen.

“I did a lot of my own investigation about the sperm donor,” Ashton told The Courier-Mail. “I was shocked that he had fathered 48 children, but we couldn’t be happier with our family and will never regret a moment. I was attracted to the idea of an outdoor, fit and healthy man, and an Aussie surfer who also played rugby was ideal. And my kids are all very sporty.”

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