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Best Gear For Navigating Your Next Adventure



Taking time out from the stresses of modern living is imperative and for many of us, that means leaving the phone and computer behind and heading out into the wilderness.

Whether you are going for a few hours, a few days or weeks, even though you’re trying to escape society, you still need to be prepared for anything – which is why you must ensure you have the right accessories.

When choosing electronics and navigational gear, you want to find products that are designed by a trusted brand, superior quality, accurate, and dependable.

You need equipment that will enhance your safety and security, while at the same time allowing you the best adventure possible. Here are some of our top recommendations for gear:

Light & Power

As the sun goes down after a great day of hiking and you’re ready to set up camp, the last thing you want is to be left in the dark!

From headlamps with 325 lumens to 500 lumens, portable lights to base lanterns, site lights with USB adapters to superior quality torches, ensuring you have the right lights and power is essential.

Headlamps are ideal so you can see anything close by, while torches will lead the way, overhead lights cover large spaces, and lanterns cast 360-degree lighting with the option for dimming.

Look for lights that are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant.


Who needs a phone or tablet anymore when you can simply wear a watch? Although you might be planning to leave technology behind, you don’t want to leave your wrist-PC as well.

Complete with weather functions and navigational aids, GPS tracking, and water resistance, training programs, and activity tracking, even altitude tracking, and heart rate monitors – a multisport watch is robust and versatile.

Some watches even come with access to Google Play apps which you can set up before you leave.


Compasses might seem old-school, but they’re affordable and will give you a sense of accomplishment (as well as a sense of direction). A quality compass is reliable and works in the most demanding conditions.

You don’t need to worry about any batteries running out, and with the globally-balanced needle and adjustable declination correction, you’ll easily find your way.

The added bonus of a clinometer will also allow you to measure the elevation, tilt, and depression of an object, with a 2° accuracy!

best gear for navigating

Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS units are more robust than a smartphone and you can take them anywhere. They’re versatile and durable – not to mention they’re affordable!

You can buy them with both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems that are great for all-terrain adventures, and it is easy to download maps onto the GPS, so you’re prepared for any destination.

Water-resistance protects them from the elements, and you can generally increase the lighting to make the display easier to read when the sun is blaring.

Some brands of GPS also come with a satellite network connection so you can text any phone number or email in the world.

It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go. And by packing the best electronic and navigation equipment, you can be sure that you stay safe and have a great adventure – matter how big or small it might be.

Disclosure: This a sponsored article courtesy of outdoor gear company Mountain Designs

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