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Atlanta mayor announces key appointments in her administration



Jason Sankey is Atlanta’s new chief information officer. Sankey previously served as the chief information officer in the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. He spent 13 years as vice president at Citigroup in New York City and Columbus, Ohio. He was also chief information officer for the Franklin County Clerk of Courts.

Jeffrey Norman was named the permanent Human Resources commissioner. He has served in the role as interim commissioner since June 2019. He has also served the city as an associate attorney, deputy city attorney, and the chief compliance officer.

Lastly, Jason Ingram is joining Atlanta City Hall as the deputy chief operating officer. He previously served as chief policy advisor and executive director of the Civil Service Commission for Baltimore’s Human Resources department.

The appointments, all of which were announced in a Tuesday evening press release, come in the final months of Bottoms’ first term. The mayor announced last month that she will not seek reelection.

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