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9 Uber-Stylish Australian Families On What Family Means To Them



More than ever before, we’re holding our loved ones close and cherishing our time together. This month, we’ve captured candid moments of uber-stylish families, including ABC News host Mariam Saab, her composer husband, Rami Khalifé and their children, Gabriel and Ava. 

As the world fell apart, loved ones came together. In honour of the year that was, join us in a celebration of family, high fashion and frills fit for the festive season. 

Valerija Erokhina, model, and Gabe, one

“Apart from patience, motherhood has been a lesson in miracles. Having Gabe and being pregnant again is my own personal reminder that life is magical.” 

Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Ben Simpson, photographer, Zainab Ayeni, business founder, and Biba, 10 months 

“To me, family means unity, unconditional love and grounding.”


Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Ben wears his own clothing. Zainab wears Bottega Veneta dress, $6260,; Valentino boots, $1580, Biba wears her own headband and necklace.

Helena Vestergaard, model, Nathan Webster, surfer, River, three, and Sway, 18 months 

“Watching our kids and their funny little personalities bloom is so heart-warming. I couldn’t ever imagine how much love they can make you feel.”


Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Helena wears Celine by Hedi Slimane dress, $12,500, (02) 9232 7051. Nathan wears Gucci vest, POA, and shorts, $1300, 1300 442 878; his own T-shirt, socks and shoes. River wears Printebebe dress, $80, Sway wears Nature Baby pants, $25,

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts, writer, activist and student, and Ellia Green, athlete 

“Our relationship is based on laughing and knowing that we have each other’s back through everything. The good, the bad and the better.” 


Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Vanessa wears Moncler x Rick Owens top, $1795, and shorts, POA, (02) 8964 4499. Ellia wears Moncler x JW Anderson coat, POA; Fendi boots, $1850,

Luke Currie-Richardson, dancer, photographer and storyteller, and Elle Evangelista, dancer, arts worker and law student 

“My family is in Perth. Over the past six years, Luke and I have created a home together in Sydney.” 


Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Luke wears Moncler x Rick Owens jacket, POA, and shorts, $1565, (02) 8964 4499. Elle wears Moncler x Rick Owens vest, $3175.

Sisters Ola, graphic designer, Amani, lawyer and artist, and Nour Haydar, political reporter 

“My sisters are the one constant in my life. They are my biggest cheerleaders and supporters, but they don’t hold back on the frank advice.” 

Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Photography by Georges Anton. Styled by Naomi Smith.

Mariam Saab, ABC journalist, Rami Khalifé, composer, Gabriel, eight, and Ava, four 

“Family is where you close your eyes and fall into one another’s arms, over and over again.” 

Rami wears Giorgio Armani jacket, $3200, and pants, $1850,; his own shoes. Ava wears Chloé dress, $445, at Gabriel wears Zara shirt, $33,; Country Road pants, $50, Mariam wears Giorgio Armani dress, $7950,

Gemma Keil, stylist, Louis and Grace, both two

“The day the kids were born, something switched in my brain. It’s like the world somehow made sense, like it hadn’t before. It sounds profound, dramatic even, but it’s human nature and I think that’s the strength of family.” 

Gemma wears Gucci jacket, $2980, and pants, $1400, 1300 442 878; Chanel belt, $9990, 1300 242 635. Louis wears his own clothes. Grace wears Printebebe dress, $85,

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